Made specifically for the athlete and person who’s active and on-the-go, Balanced2Day creates all-natural CBD hemp products of the highest quality and offer the most exceptional health benefits. From CBD-rich topical sports balms to incredibly potent oral tinctures.

The company was started by a group of athletes who are passionate about the health benefits of CBD, offering you an alternative way of life, at a competitive price. Having a strong grip on quality-control, the company keeps a close eye on the entire production process from CBD seed to sale purchases.

Balanced2Day's CBD hemp products are: Pesticide-free, Chemical-free, Preservative-free, Third-party tested

Knowing that many athletes must take drug tests regularly, Balanced2Day has created a line of CBD products that contain 0 percent THC. Besides CBD, their products contain natural, health-boosting ingredients such as anti-inflammatory MCT oil, muscle-soothing lemongrass and stimulating peppermint extract. 

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